How Children Learn Themselves by Sugata Mitra

Dr. Sugata Mitra’s now famous “Hole in the Wall” experiments conducted in India’s slums and remote areas made the following four findings:

  1. Remoteness affects the quality of education
  2. Education Technology should be implemented in remote areas first
  3. Values are acquired: doctrine and dogma are imposed
  4. Learning is a self-organizing system

He proposes introduction of technology assisted and self-organizing learning systems to not only improve basic education but also the ability to deal with an increasingly complex and connected world. He expalins the need to create inclusive educational solutions that address all sections of society and help transform them. And proposes “Minimally Invasive Education” which uses the power of collaboration and the natural curiosity of children to catalyze learning.

Click here to see the TED presentation of Dr. Mitra, Professor of Educational Technology and the founder of

Click here to see a new TED presentation of Dr. Mitra, with newer findings.

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