Interaction Program on Open University of Nepal Initiative – Winnipeg, Canada – December 3, 2010

December 3, 2010, Winnipeg, Canada: Ambassador of Nepal to Canada, Dr. Bhoj Raj Ghimire, delivered an introduction to the Initiative for Open University of Nepal  in a round table discussion held at the University of Manitoba (UofM). Attending the program were faculty officials, members of Nepali Student Association of UofM, and members and executives of Nepali Cultural Society of Manitoba.

In the program, Dr. James Dean, Executive Director, Office of International Relations, Ms. Rhonda Friesen, Manager of International Cooperation Agreements at Office of International Relations,  Dr. Kathleen Matheos, Associate Dean Extended Education, Dr.Randy B. Goosen, Medical Director of Community Mental Health of Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Doug Maguire, Associate Professor of Faculty of Medicine, Mr. Herb Enns, Professor of Faculty of Architecture, Dr. Kelley Beaverford, Professor of Faculty of Architecture, Dr. Thomas Booth, Professor of Faculty of Science, Mr. Bharat Shrestha, President of Nepali student Association, Mr. Chitra Pradhan, President of Nepali Cultural Society of Manitoba, Ms. Maiya Uprety, Vice President of Nepali Cultural Society of Manitoba, and other staff members contributed their ideas on how best to foster collaboration and expressed enthusiastic opinion on the initiative. Dr. Kathleen Matheos, Dr. James Dean and Mrs. Rhonda Friesen expressed the interest of UofM in exploring possible areas and ways by which participation and collaboration could be fostered.

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