Press Release: Open University of Nepal-NRN Resolutions

Released by NRN Task Force on Skills, Knowledge and Innovation

Source: NRN SKI

In 5 separate sessions of the SKI workshop, several papers were presented in key plenary and invited sessions by distinguished speakers in key topics. The discussion was held following the comments from the discussants and following resolutions were approved by NRN ICC. NRN SKI task force will take the resolution on board in charting a concrete course of action.

  1. Open University of Nepal
    1. The Open University of Nepal (OUN) is recognised as the Flagship project of NRN.
    2. NRNA acknowledge the long work done by Canada Foundation for Nepal and for bringing the proposal of Open University of Nepal to the NRNA through NRN SKI task force. The hard work and dedication of CFFN contributors is duly acknowledged and we hope for greater collaboration between NRNA and CFFN in advancing the OUN initiative.

    3. NRNA thanks International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE) and Athabasca University (AU) for pledging their support for the establishment of the Open University of Nepal. We especially acknowledge the Dr. Frits Pannekoek, President of ICDE and AU and Dr. Mohamed Ally, Founding Director of International Association of Mobile Learning for helping NRNA and CFFN for their unwavering guidance and support for the cause of OUN. Also, we sincerely thank for the offer of support received from University Houston through Chancellor Dr. Renu Khator, Senior Vice President Dr. Carl Stokton, and Associate Vice President Dr. Mrinal Mugdh
    4. We thank California State University Long Beach and UNESCO-IHE, Institute for Water Education for their interest and offer of support for OUN. The deliberation made by Dr Jeet Joshee and Dr Krishna Chandra Prasad is duly acknowledged.
    5. NRNA and NRN TF on SKI acknowledge the contribution of the core proponent team, comprising of Dr. Pramod Dhakal, Dr. Ambika Adhikari and Dr. Drona Rasali for the exemplary work that has brought us this far.
    6. We greatly acknowledge the intellectual contributions of scholars, Academics and institutional thinkers for their deliberation in the workshop. NRNA, CFFN and NRNSKI take your inputs and suggestions sincerely.
    7. In that light, we declare to form an OUN Strategic Committee (OUSC) which will take the recommendation of the workshop for further action.
    8. The committee has 11 members Dr Pramod Dhakal, Dr Ambika Adhikari, Dr Raju Adhikari, Dr Drona Rasali Devman Hirachan, Dr. Upendra Mahato, Gyan Chandra Acharya, Ambassador to UN, Dr Shanker Sharma, Ambassador, USA, Dr. Bhojraj Ghimire, and Ambassador to Canada, Representative of Ministry of Education, GON. Dr Pramod Dhakal is identified as the coordinator. The technical committee will comprise of Dr Pramod Dhakal, Dr Ambika Adhikari, Dr Drona Rasali, and Dr Raju Adhikari.
    9. The OSC will work closely with the GON to follow up and finalise already submitted MOU and develop collaborative and operational mechanism with GON and other potential strategic partners to help establish the OUN.
    10. The OSC will mobilise and resources to prepare a detailed proposal and business plan in the next 6 months with the help of NRN and international experts as appropriate.
    11. All formal media communication and press release made on behalf of NRNA to be handled by OSC spokesperson through SKI and president of NRNA.
    12. The 4th NRN Regional Conference in Houston proudly declares the formal launch of its flagship project OUN.
  2. Science and Education Foundation (SEF)
    1. NRN SKI to recommend names to form a SF committee
    2. The committee to undertake the feasibility of the registration process soon.
    3. The committee to prepare a strategic plan for the fund raising campaign.
    4. The Foundation to be registered as an autonomous Public Trust in Nepal.
    5. The fund will be used in supporting flagship projects of SKI. Dr Raju Adhikari is identified as the coordinator.
    6. The fund received will be deposited into a separate NRN ICC account in Nepal under SF account name and used for specific purpose as specified. NRN will open a separate account soon.
  3. Expansion of Task Force on SKI
    1. SKI is pleased to welcome the Earthquake Disaster Preparedness for Nepal to SKI team.
    2. Thanks to American Society for Nepalese Engineers, America Nepal Medical Foundation and Computer Association of Nepal-USA to SKI and for taking initiative in the above program.
    3. Thanks to Dr Suman Timsinha (NRN USA) for agreeing to coordinate this initiative for SKI.
  4. Pledge of Financial Support
    1. SKI acknowledges the financial pledge of UD10,000 from Aditya Jha for Open University and Dr Upendra Mahato for SF.
  5. Miscellany
    1. All SKI workshop presentations will be complied into a proceeding publication
    2. Copy of the proceedings will be submitted to GON, NRNICC and other concerned parties.

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