Vision, Mission, Goals and Values of OUN


  1. Ignite the spirit of learning for building a sustainable, intellectual, and prosperous society
  2. Harnesses the intellectual potential and excellence of every human being through massification of learning


  • The University for All of Us
  • Let the Light of Knowledge Reach Everyone


Missions of the Open University of Nepal are to:

  • take university to people’s homes and communities,
  • achieve excellence in delivery, research and innovation in lifelong learning,
  • bring marginalized people into the mainstream of education by removing barriers of distance, time, money, and readiness,
  • connect learners and their learning needs with global sources of knowledge.


Ethical values: These are the values that put limit to our actions and bind our ambitions. They set some boundaries that we would not cross at any cost. These are the values we must live by.

  • Equality: We practice inclusion, fairness and justice, and adhere to the principles of universally accessible public education by removing barriers for all in access to education
  • Honesty and respect: We earn credibility and trust through fair and transparent actions and mutual respect
  • Commitment to excellence: We are committed to be accountable to our words and actions and demonstrate excellence in them
  • Green: Our University will be one of the greenest institutions of higher learning in the world

Inspirational values: These are the values that give us inner fortitudes to cross all limits and reach new heights not reached before.

  • Learning: We aspire to build a society devoted to lifelong learning with insatiable curiosity
  • Creating: We aspire to create knowledge, skills and technologies, including exploration and utilization of indigenous know-how
  • Collaborating: We actively collaborate to provide best possible education and to innovate for better solutions
  • Quality: Our products, services and people will be internationally known for excellence in credibility, quality and reliability
  • Sharing: We value in translation and transfer of knowledge


  • Current Fiscal Year 2011
    • Application for developing business plan – April 2011
    • Secretariat establishment – February 2011
    • Registration of the OUNI – February 2011
    • Website – April 2011
    • Secure Physical Facility – April 2011 o Pilot Program Launch – October 2011
    • Comprehensive Business Plan – December 2011
  • Short Term (1-3 Years):
    • Completing the Foundation for OUN
      • Development of Comprehensive Business Plan
      • Fulfillment of legislative and administrative requirements
      • Building technological infrastructure for pilot program
      • Collaboration and partnership development
      • Channelization of Diaspora skills and knowledge
      • Pilot testing of currently available pedagogical tools, technologies, and academic programs
      • Accreditation, and exchange mechanisms with other partners
      • Building institutional operations capacity
      • Resource generation and mobilization (source identification, consortium building)
      • Awareness raising and marketing of programs
  • Medium Term (4-7 years):
    • Building nationwide technological infrastructure
    • Launching of fully functional degree awarding university
      • Refinement and redevelopment of methods, tools, technologies and programs based on pilot study outcomes
      • Channelization of Diaspora skills and knowledge
      • Collaboration and partnership development § Academic program development and accreditation for the pull fledged offerings
      • Resource mobilization
      • Building institutional operational capacity
      • Awareness raising and marketing of programs
  • Long Term (7 years +)
    • Making a fully sustainable world class university

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  1. I would like to ask if you have any conection to a foundation that considers housing issues in Nepal a # 1 priority

    I am a consultant to the Nepal organization senergy in Nepal and we are trying to find funding for the less futurnate person to give them a self sustainable solution to have a roof under there head. Please help thanks

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