Fraud Warning

It has come to the attention of Canada Foundation for Nepal that there is an individual or individuals using CFFN’s logo, mission statements, writings and general spirit of goodwill to deceive and defraud people of money. Currently, there is a scheme asking Kenyans to apply for a position at Canada Forum for Nairobi by filling out a form and including a registration fee.

Please note this is not official whatsoever and we at CFFN advise anyone offered this opportunity to contact local authorities immediately.

Canada Foundation for Nepal is 100% volunteer-based and do not hire employees. We do not solicit funds in this manner. We currently only have an office in Ottawa, Canada, and only operate out of that office and with select individuals in Nepal.

If anyone comes across more schemes like this one, we would highly appreciate being made aware of it so that we can take appropriate actions.

Thank you,
Canada Foundation for Nepal

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