4C Update – 2012 Annual General Meeting Report

Last fall Mike and I (Tineke) went back to Nepal and visited Drona Rasali and his uncle Om Prakash. We discussed the plan to start a daycare in their village of Humin, Palpa District.

Om and Arjun Rasali will be starting the ground work of finding a space for the daycare and looking for 2 teachers. We also hired Bel G.C. to help us with different tasks for CFFN. Bel G.C. came with us to visit Madi and discus the progress of the daycare building and help the farmers with growing vegetables in the dry season so that they can sell those in the villages nearby. This would help the village to become self sufficient. The building still needed a fair bit of work but they were hopeful to have it done before the monsoon season.

We identified a lack of early child care teaching opportunities and consequently when we returned to Pokhara we had meetings with Milan K.C. who owns a Montessori School to discuss setting up a Montessori Teacher Training Institute. Tineke has been working with Milan to develop the curriculum for the training. We also have had meetings back in Canada with officials to investigate how to have the Montessori Teaching Institute accredited internationally. The teaching program will start this summer in Pokhara. We will train the teachers, who we will hire for our 4 C program. Bel G.C. has been in contact with Madi village and Humin village community members. Milan K.C. is set to visit Madi and Humin in the next few weeks. Our plans are to visit Nepal again in the fall and continue with our projects. We will continue the updates as the work progresses.

Thank you all.

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