Online and USHA – CFFN 2012 Annual General Meeting Update

Online Updates

New CFFN Site

New CFFN Site Website

Recently, CFFN has launched a new website. This site is designed to be much easier to  find new updates, articles and other content and be easier to search for older archived material. The Radio initiative has been fully integrated into this new site, making all new radio updates part of CFFN’s updates.

Visitors can also comment on and be part of discussions about articles and other topics.  If they so desire, it is possible to share our content with Facebook, Twitter, and Google+  directly from the article.


Facebook is an important platform – we all use it for sharing and keeping up with the ones we care about most. It is also growing quickly in Nepal right now. CFFN’s Facebook page will be increasingly used to share updates on our organization as well as events where CFFN is involved. The CFFN group will be used to build an online community, to allow all friends of CFFN to have discussions about education, Nepal, and other topics close to the organization.


Twitter is also enjoying high growth. It is a great platform to connect with people and other organizations that share common interests. This platform will be used in this manner, allowing us to share our website updates as well as found content related to our causes. See CFFN on Twitter.


In the past, CFFN would send emails to members and friends of the organization with important updates. This was nearly 100% the efforts of Pramod Dhakal. In order to keep our general members up to date on the organization’s work, we will send out email newsletters, no more than once a month, to highlight the updates to the various CFFN initiatives.


USHA Update

USHAOne of the difficulties with USHA is trying to define or explain it. The initiative, an acronym for Ushering our Shared Aspirations, is a program that uses various methods to freely share knowledge across all boundaries. I went and clearly defined what CFFN projects make up USHA. They are as follows:

  • CFFN Radio – youth-driven project to share experiences and opinions to youth in Nepal
  • Himalayan Heartbeat – Nepal cultural event with emphasis on sharing the Nepal experience form a Canadian perspective
  • Rural Education Nepal – Project to bring computers and Internet to rural schools and connect their students with North American counterparts
  • Volunteer Program – The experiences of volunteers, working with CFFN, who have travelled to Nepal
  • CYGE – CFFN Youth for Global Entrepreneurship, a program to bring together youth with creative ideas on how to change their lives and the lives of Nepalis

Video Tutorial Initiative

Last year, we presented an idea to create video-based math tutorials for a Nepalese audience, focusing on grades nine and ten maths. While there have been few developments since then, it is still an important initiative for USHA. We have the ability to create smart board-style videos, not unlike the ones found at Khan Academy, but need further guidance on how to present the Nepali curriculum content compellingly in a  logical sequence.

CFFN Radio

Radio was a key component in our content creation, though it had been suspended largely due to technical issues. Now that they have been resolved, we can go back to creating new radio programming. A Radio task force will be created to determine the best approach to creating Yuba Sanchar content. This summer, we will record the oral speeches written and delivered by youth members of the Nepali community for the International Nepali Literary Society and deliver them via this channel.

Himalayan Heartbeat

To potentially execute as a fall program, complementing a Fundraiser program in the spring, we may revive this cultural exposé. Ideas for this year include inviting performers from Ottawa and Toronto, inviting Canadian speakers who have harrowing or uplifting experiences in Nepal, and screening a film from this year’s Toronto Nepali Film Festival.


CFFN does not currently have the human resources to execute this initiative in a quality manner. We will gladly give support, however, if someone wishes to join us and lead CYGE.

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