Yuba Sanchar: Youth Oral Presentation – Swagat Ghimire

 *This show is in Nepali Language*

In this presentation, Swagat Ghimire talks about many Nepali children’s preference to visit developed countries over Nepal for reasons like having to meet relatives, eat rice often, etc.

Swagat makes the case that visiting different developed countries don’t give wholly different experiences. A ride at an amusement park is the same regardless of where the ride is. But Nepal is a world by itself. For example, the experiences one can attain in Pokhara, Kathmandu and Lumbini all have their unique features worth seeing. Despite this, Swagat isn’t blind to the problems either. Frequent street protests pose difficulties for tourists. Nepali politicians take note! And to other children: when you do go to Nepal, try to get out a little – there is a lot to see!

२०६९ सालको नेपाल गणतन्त्र दिवसको उपलक्ष्यमा नेपाली राजदुतावास अटवा
क्यानाडा र अंतरराष्ट्रीय नेपाली साहित्य समाज अटवाको संयुक्त आयोजनामा
क्यानाडाको राजधानी अटवामा गरिएको वक्तृत्वकला प्रतियोगितामा श्री स्वागत
घिमिरेले  राखेका भनाईलाइ युवा संचार रेडियो कार्यक्रमको यो बिशेष


Yuba Sanchar : Youth Oral Presentation - Swagat Ghimire


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