CFFN 2012 Annual General Meeting – Report

Canada Foundation for Nepal (CFFN) held its seventh Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Saturday, June 9, 2012 at the Ottawa Citizen Hall Conference Centre. The main aim of the meeting was to review CFFN’s past activities and discuss ideas of how to move forward our agenda for the education and well being of Nepal and Nepalese. Members, their families, guests and those who have an interest in CFFN activities have attended the meeting. Those who could not be in attendance have participated in the meeting through Skype conference call. The event was emceed by, CFFN Executive Secretary Dr. Bishwa Regmi. He also highlighted the AGM program outline.


Dr. Govinda Dahal, Executive Director, welcomed the members and guests to the event.

Remarks from Chief Guest

Chief Guest, His Excellency Ambassador Dr. Bhoj Raj Ghimire, emphasised the need of CFFN to promote education and well being for Nepal and Nepalese. He also urged, if possible, to continue CFFN Radio program because of its popularity especially among children and youth to promote and communicate our culture, language and knowledge.

Annual Report

The annual report was delivered by CFFN Executive Director Dr. Govinda Dahal. Dr. Dahal spoke on how CFFN is continuing its focus on education and well being, through life cycle approach, for Nepal and Nepalese. He highlighted that CFFN program is encompassing from Community Child Care Centre (4C), Ushering Shared Aspirations (USHA), Open University of Nepal Initiative (OUNI), and Knowledge Translation Initiative (KTI), including Book Project, News Letters and Research Collaboration with Ottawa University in the area of media initiatives. He also informed that CFFN is exploring and conceptualizing research opportunities in socio-economic and environmental sustainability of rural Himalayan villages in Nepal.

4C Project

Tineke Casey, director of the Community Child Care Centre initiative (4C), spoke of the 4C projects and the first CFFN fund raising dinner. Ms. Casey informed that the first 4C project was started in Madi, Baglung District. Early Child Care program is satisfactorily progressing at Madi. The construction of community centre in Madi will help to sustain the program in the long run. In view of the success of CFFN’s activities in Baglung district, CFFN is replicating and expanding its current 4c program at Humin village, Palpa District.

Ms. Casey also highlighted that CFFN is considering the promotion of dry season vegetable farming so that the community members can sell surplus vegetables in the nearby villages. This would help the village to become self-sufficient. To view the full written report, please click here.

Ms. Casey also spoke of the first CFFN fund raising dinner that was organized in Ottawa.   The event was successfull to raise over $2000. This will help to keep 4C activities and other community activities in operation in rural Nepal. Ms. Casey informed that CFFN is planning to organize another fund raising event in the year 2013. Click here for a synopsis of CFFN’s fund raising event in Ottawa.

Ben’s Reflection on Nepal Visit

Mr. Ben Wood, director of CFFN’s knowedge sharing initiative known as Ushering our Shared Aspirations (USHA), spoke about online and USHA projects and presented his reflections about his recent field trip to Nepal. Mr. Wood highlighted that online and USHA project will create a meaningful connection with students, educators and volunteers. This project is creating math tutorials specific to grade 9 and 10 Nepali curricula and CFFN will continue to create educational materials for Nepal and Nepalese. Mr. Wood also shared his desire to use audio and video in a redesigned format for the Radio project, now part of USHA.

Mr. Wood also presented a collection of memories of his recent visit to Nepal in the form of photographs. He tied these experiences directly into various CFFN projects and values. Mr Wood ended with hs Nepal Photo book that he is selling to raise funds for the 4C initiative. Please look forward to more details soon.

Book Project

Dr. Bharat Shrestha, CFFn executive member, spoke of a book publication project that CFFN has launched under coordination of Research Director Dr. Ishara Mahat. The Editorial Board is comprised of distinguished experts/scientists in the different sectors. The book is aimed for a wide audience including academia, practitioners, program planners and policy makers. The book will cover six key themes of sustainable livelihood system that include a mosaic of subsistence agriculture, natural resource management, off-farm income source, social equity and justice, health and hygiene and capacity building. The book will be published in Nepali New Year 2070. Please click this link for a synopsis of the book publication project.

Open University of Nepal Initiative

Dr. Drona Rasali, Director, Open University Initiative and Dr. Pramod Dhakal participated in the AGM through Skype conference call. Both of them spoke about the importance of the role that CFFN continues to play in the initiative to establish OUN with the Government of Nepal, the Non-Resident Nepali Association, and Athabasca University. At present, Dr. Pramod Dhakal, Member Secretary, of the Open University of Nepal Steering Committee (OUNSC) has established the Secretariat of the OUNSC within the premises of the Ministry of Education in Kathmandu and is coordinating the four committees to advance the relevant preparatory works for the OUN from the Secretariat. In the days ahead, OUN is planning to launch a series of pilot academic programs in collaboration with foreign institutions – primarily the Athabasca University. Please click this link for a brief progress report of the OUNI.

Financial Report

Ms. Geeta Thapa, Treasurer, had prepared CFFN’s financial report of 2012/13. An auditor had to be selected. Bala Ram Chapai was elected to this position by general members. The auditor’s report was prepared and presented to CFFN on August 15, 2012.

Volunteer of the Year

Dr. Govinda Dahal announced that Benjamin Wood is the recipient of the 2012 volunteer of the year award, an award given to an individual showcasing excellence in helping CFFN spread the light of knowledge. He is the first to receive this award twice since the ward’s inception. Past recipients include:

  • 2011: Manju Adhikari
  • 2010: Geeta Thapa
  • 2009: Benjamin Wood

Vote of Thanks

Mr. Prashanta Dhakal, Vice President, delivered vote of thanks to all members and guests for coming and supporting CFFN’s initiatives.

AGM Concluded

Finally, Dr. Govinda Dahal concluded the AGM.

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