Humin, Palpa District Community Child Care Centre

Now that the Madi Project is near completion we initiated another pilot project in another district to see if the same start-up conditions apply. Our goal with these projects is not so much to create a network of Community Child Care Centres across Nepal – that would be well beyond the scope any NGO could accomplish. Rather we are looking for a formula, a model of how a small village, given a small amount of assistance from outside could create and run their own sustainable child care centre.

This time we came with the knowledge gained in Madi. Consequently we went in looking for an existing building which needed simple upgrades only, not a new building. We also are advising the Humin Board of Directors with more guidance on the advantage of choosing candidate teachers who were firstly, good with children and secondly, reasonably well educated. We also suggested offering employment for a trial period and having the candidate teachers assessed at arms length by an expert child care worker over a trial period. This project is expected to run until 2016.

Humin 4C Building

The 4C Building in Humin Currently Undergoing Renovations

Humin Womens Committee

The Humin Women's Committee

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