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UNESCO Report on Educational Development

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GDP Per Capita (PPP) – 2006

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Human Development Index Ranking – 2005

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UNDP Human Development Report – 2005

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World Development Indicators – 2005 – World Bank

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Trade, Tourism, Investment and Philanthropy in Nepal

A brief guide to tourist and scholars for obtaining visa to Nepal (October 2007)

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Philanthropy and Law in Nepal

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1965 – 2006 – Canada-Nepal Cooperation

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Helvetas – Millenium Development Goal

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Helvetas – Poverty Reduction Strategy

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Asmita – Women’s Publication

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This portion of the website was written by the students of Nepali Language School in Ottawa, Canada. This class is conducted with a collaborative efforts of Nepalese Canadian Association of Ottawa and Ottawa Carleton District School Board.

Human Rights

Long feudal rule, isolation from the world and disregard for human rights is a recurring theme in Nepal. Last ten years have demonstrated how the consciousness of human rights is rising and at the same time how profoundly they have been violated. The state of human rights in Nepal is explored in this project.

Festivals and Celebrations

Nepal is a country of holidays and festivals. On top many celebrations like birth, anniversaries, pujas and marriages are celebrated elaborately in Nepal. On top of dominant Hindu culture and associated festivals, Nepal also has diversity of festivals brought by Buddhist and Muslim traditions. We will exlore the big festivals celebrated by most Nepalese first and then gradually explore all other festivals.


Starting from 70m above sea level, Nepal’s land rises to the top of the Mount Everest. Nepal’s eastern plain receives one of the most rainfall in the world and the north-western highlands receive hardly any rainfall. These variations have blessed Nepal with plant diversity of breathtaking scale. This study tries to explore Nepal’s flora, and attempts to introduce it to our readers around the world.


Nepal is also has a very great diversity of insects, birds, animals and other forms of animal lives. This study concentrates mainly on larger and more popular animals of Nepal.


This topic explores the political, economic and cultural history of Nepal found in the historic books on Nepal.


Past the age of prosperity achieved through North-South trade and agriculture almost 500 years ago, poverty has been a known fact associated with Nepal’s economic face. So few in Nepal enjoy the life of the riches and so many live in abject poverty, it is heartwrenching. This topic, therefore, deserves a full study, and we must find ways to break this cycle of poverty that is running for too long. This topic explores the economic distribution and state of poverty in Nepal. It also explores how children are affected by poverty and what could we possibly do to alliviate it.

Farmland and Farming

This topic explores the type of farmlands, types of crops grown and the method of doing agriculture in Nepal.


Everyone knows Nepal mostly because of the majestic himalayas. Rising from the Ganges’ plain to the top of te world, Nepal has an amazing geographical diversity and intrigue. This study introduces Nepal’s geography to the readers.

Time and Space

Nepal is a land greatly influenced by ancient civilizations from early on. Old Hindu art of measuring time and the old view of the how universe was created is explored in this study. This is compared with the modern scientific understanding. Other space phenomenon such as Black Holes are studied here.

Ghosts and Myths

Nepal’s old fables are full of Ghost stories and myths. Many rituals are performed every year to ward off the evil spirits and Gods and Goddesses are worshipped to get protection from the ghosts.

Mythical Animals

Nepal’s cultures and religions are greatly influenced by myths and mythical animals are important in all these myths. We explore mythical animals of Nepal and introduce them to the readers around the world through this web-page.


Hinduism and Buddhism are the most influential in Nepalese society among all the religions practiced in Nepal. Islam, Christianity, Jainism, Bahaism and other religions practiced in Nepal.

Music of Nepal

Despite being a small country, Nepal has a rich variety of folk music and popular music. It is difficult to trace a unifying profile of Nepalese music. The different ethnic dialects, practices, traditions and styles of singing define many “micro-cultures” in Nepal. Come and learn about the great musical traditions of the people of this mystique land.

Useful Resources

Commonwelth of Learning

The Commonwealth of Learning (COL) is an intergovernmental organisation created by Commonwealth Heads of Government to encourage the development and sharing of open learning, distance education, knowledge, resources and technologies. COL is helping developing nations improve access to quality education and training. Please visit this website to gain some ingights on distance education and learning experiences in developing countries. To visit the website click here.

Canadian Association for Distance Education

CADE (the Canadian Association for Distance Education) is a national organization of professionals committed to excellence in the provision of distance education in Canada. Please visit this website to gain some ingights on distance education and learning experiences in Canada. To visit the website click here.

Canadians for children of Nepal

Canadian Mt. Everest expedition team that lost its esteemed and inspirational leader, Dr Sean Egan of University of Ottawa, Canada, has initiated a journey to educate children of Nepal who had no hope otherwise to receive such care and protection. To go to the website of Elia Saikaly click here. To go to the website of Ad Astra the organization founded for the education project click here.

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