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About CFFN

Canada Foundation for Nepal (CFFN) is a registered not–for–profit organization dedicated to advancing education and wellbeing in Nepal. The establishment of CFFN in 2006 by the Nepalese Diaspora and Friends of Nepal in Ottawa, Canada, was a culmination of efforts by those individuals who were weighing on various alternatives to help the people of Nepal.

The CFFN channels its endeavors towards meeting three objectives: raising awareness about Nepal in Canada; incubating research in Canada on solutions to issues of education and wellbeing in Nepal; promoting cooperation between the grassroots people of Canada and Nepal in learning and development.

You would come to realize that CFFN has made significant amount of contribution towards its objectives in a short span of time. And, instead of overwhelming you with a list of its accomplishments here, we encourage you to explore our website at your own leisure and comprehend the quality, volume, and scope of its work.

The CFFN promotes critical thinking and scholarly exchanges between Canada and Nepal. In particular, the organization likes to position itself as a bridge between the Canadian public who are concerned about global issues and the most disadvantaged children, women and men of Nepal who are deprived of basic education, knowledge, and capacity required for overcoming poverty and for inculcating innovation and progress. This stance comes from a conviction that knowledge and education is the most profound requirement for building a just and prosperous Nepal and peaceful world.

We strive to provide individuals of all ages, talents and abilities the opportunities to contribute in worthy endeavors that benefit both Nepal and Canada. Our programs stem from an awareness towards the needs of individuals, families, nations, and the world as a whole. We invite you to be part of CFFN and get involved in its activities.

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Publication of Sustainable Livelihood Systems in Nepal

CFFN is proud to announce that Sustainable Livelihood Systems in Nepal  has been published by IUCN Nepal.

Cover and Introduction | Authors’ Biographies | Purchase Book

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