People Behind CFFN

Behind the success of every organization there would be tireless efforts of its people. And, friends often ask, “Who are those people that propel CFFN to become a successful organization?” When you start digging behind, there would be contribution of so many people, it is difficult to to do justice to all those who contribute. With due respect to all the contributors, we introduce some key people that have made significant contribution to CFFN.

Executive Board 2017 – 2019

Executive Board 2015 – 2017

Executive Board 2013 – 2015


  • Ms. Kalpana Shrestha (Research)
  • Mr. Bel G.C. (4C Program Coordinator, Nepal)
  • Ms. Milan K. C. (4C Training Coordinator, Nepal)

Executive Board 2011 – 2013

Research Team

CFFN’s Research Team are lead researchers dedicated to advancing core research beneficial to Nepalese economy and society. If your mind is set on research please contact these lead researchers in the particular area of your interest. Those of you with ideas and passion are welcome to develop a new area of research and lead them ahead.

Communication, Marketing, and Finance

CFFN’s Communication and Marketing team writes articles, writes web-content, maintains website, designs and develops marketing and promotional materials and much more. The website you are surfing at the moment is largely the product of the work of this group.

Culture, Outreach, and Extension

CFFN’s Culture, Outreach, and Expansion team takes CFFN programs into the communities and develops community relations. This team also makes strong contribution in building sister school program between Canada and Nepal.

Events and Planning

CFFN’s Events and Planning team organized CFFN events, which get organized at a frequent pace. The good quality of work found in CFFN events is the product of the work of this group.

NRN SKI Task Force

NRN SKI (Non-Resident Nepali Skills, Knowledge, and Innovation)Task Force has taken a number of key initiatives to help Nepal. Promoting mass access to higher education through open and distance learning opportunities is one of those initiatives. A major part of this is the establishment of Open University of Nepal (OUN). CFFN Advisors Dr. Pramod Dhakal (Lead) and Dr. Ambika Adhikari, as well as CFFN Managing Director of OUN Dr. Drona Rasali constitute the core proponent team for the proposed OUN.

Past Executive Boards

Executive Board 2009-2011

Executive Board 2007-2009

Executive Board 2006-2007