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2012 Annual General Meeting Brief Introduction

By-laws and direction of the organization to continue to focus on education and wellbeing.

Life cycle approach

  1. Community Child Care Centre – Education Initiative
  1. Madi Child Care Centre – Baglung
  1. Establishment of a community child care centre in Baglung through community initiative
  2. We helped for its educational content and teaching materials, teaching methods, teachers’ training, collaboration with District Education Office, Baglung – teachers’ salary, activities initiated for its sustainability
  3. Big thank you to Tineke Casey  and Michael Casey and you will hear in detail from them
  • Humin Child Care Centre – Palpa
    1. It is in the process of establishment
    2. We just completed one Charity Dinner Program to support this initiative
    3. Big Thanks to Robin Pudasaini, Tineke Casey, Michael Casey and CFFN board members, and all others who supported for this initiative
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    The Super Continents (Pangaea)

    By Reshma Dahal

    The aim of this article is to inform readers about the process in which the continents of the globe drifted to their current positions explaining the geological discovery and its impact to human kind.

    The Earth is a truly extraordinary planet. There are rivers, the lakes that flourish onto the beaches. There are colossal mountains which stand strong and proud marking their territory. The hills, the forests, the seas; they are all remarkable puzzle pieces that unite to create the spherical globe, which we call Planet Earth.

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