There has been more secession in unitary systems

Dr. Ronald Watts

Source: Archive | March 09, 2008

Prof Ronald L Watts is an internationally acclaimed scholar who has spent his life studying federal systems all over the world. There are many important things that Nepal, particularly at this stage, could learn from his rich experience of working in the shaping of 22 out of the 25 federations around the globe. Currently, a professor emeritus of political studies at Queen’s University, Canada, he was also a fulltime advisor to the Canadian government on constitutional affairs. Continue reading

Nepal – a turning point in history?

Source: BBC News – Nov 08 2006

By Charles Haviland, BBC News, Kathmandu

Nepal’s midnight peace deal between the government and Maoist rebels aimed at ending the 10-year insurgency is being hailed in fulsome terms.

In the words of one politician, it is “a new era for Nepal”. Another sees it as the beginning of the end of the monarchy; while for one Maoist leader it is one of the biggest breakthroughs in the history of Nepal.

With it, the politicians are trying above all to bring an end to the bloody conflict that has brought this desperately poor country to its knees. Continue reading

BALUWATAR TALKS: Government, Maoists reach historic agreement


By Akhilesh Tripathi and Suresh Nath Neupane

KATHMANDU, Nov 8 – The ruling seven-party alliance and the Maoist rebels have finally reached a historic agreement putting an end to the decade-long armed insurgency. The different rounds of informal meetings and “summit meets” held between the two sides since May, after the collapse of the autocratic royal regime, have finally resulted in agreements on all political and arms issues, paving way for the Maoist rebels to join the political mainstream. Continue reading

Press Release: Report on the donation to Jan Andolan (popular movement) Treatment Fund in Nepal

Ottawa, Canada – 19 April 2006: As you know Kathmandu Model Hospital has set up a Jan Andolan (popular movement) Primary Health Treatment Fund for the treatment of the injured in the popular movement. Inspired by its appeal to contribute Canada Forum for Nepal took an initiative in collecting donations in Ottawa. The response from the Nepalese community in Ottawa was overwhelming. In a matter of 4 hours over the phone, we were able to raise Canadian $2,833 (Nepalese rupees 179,131 – one hundred seventy nine thousand one hundred and thirty one). In opening your heart for the cause of humanitarian treatment for injured people in Nepal, you have surpassed our expectation. Canada Forum for Nepal salutes for your generosity.

The money has been already transferred to the Fund in Nepal. The copies of the cheque written to the Fund, receipt from the Fund and the effective exchange rate are posted below and hard copies are available on request. For more detail about the fund, you can visit As always, we value your contribution and love to hear from you so that we will have broader perspective as we grow.

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