Press Release: Workshop on Open and Distance Education in Nepal

NRN Fourth Regional Conference

Friday, 28 May, 2010, Houston, U.S – Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) in partnership with Canada Foundation for Nepal (CFFN) and the core proponents of the Open and Distance Education initiative, the Open University of Nepal (OUN), held a panel discussion on the OUN in order to generate feedback from the Nepalese Diaspora that can be used to refine and solidify its proposal. The core proponents comprise of Dr. Ambika Adhikari, Dr. Drona Rasali and Dr. Pramod Dhakal.

The workshop was introduced by Dr. Renu Khator, the chancellor of the University of Houston System and President of the University of Houston. She set the groundwork for the initial steps that need to be taken and offered her support and willingness to help in the proposed Open University initiative. The need for the Open University was eloquently presented by Dr. Frits Pannekoek, President of The International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE) and President of Athabasca University. According to Dr. Pannekoek, 150 million new university positions need to be created over the next 10 years in order to meet the growing demand for tertiary education around the world. The only feasible way to meet this level of demand is through open and distance learning. Dr. Pannekoek said that the current model of providing post secondary education does not address the barriers to learning such as gender, income, geography and preparedness.

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Press Release: CFFN Sets a New Direction and Elects a New Executive Body

May 23, 2009, Ottawa, Canada: Canada Forum for Nepal (CFFN), a leader in Canada in promoting critical thinking about the contemporary issues of Nepal has decided to change the name of the organization to Canada Foundation for Nepal and to become a charitable organization. These decisions were made at its third annual general meeting held in Ottawa, Canada.

The organization also adopted new principles to guide its operations. A resolution was introduced so that CFFN can focus on making tangible contributions in extending the light of education and livelihood to the margins of society. The resolution said, “Educating one generation of citizens amounts to giving education to many generations. This is because those who are educated put a high premium on the education of their children, and this tendency transfers from one generation to the next. Among all that one earns in life, only education has the power to improve the overall quality of life of individuals as well as the value systems of the society.” It also said, “Knowledge, information and technology also have a vital effect on livelihood. The effect becomes ever more substantive if the education reaches to entire citizenry, preserves traditional knowhow, respects local traditions and cultures, and promotes sustainable development.”

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Press Release: Nepalese Canadian Youth pursue Entrepreneurialism

Friday, November 14, 2008, Ottawa, Canada: Canada Forum for Nepal (CFFN) has formally launched CFFN Youth for Global Entrepreneurship (CYGE) group, which promotes youth entrepreneurship. After months of ground work, CYGE was brought to public amidst an interaction program: “Power of Persistence and Hope: A Pathway to Entrepreneurialism”. CYGE invited Dr. Ramesh Kumar Sunar, an accomplished academic and entrepreneurial powerhouse of Nepali origin from USA, as the guest speaker in its first public program held in Ottawa, Canada. Continue reading

Press Release: Canada Forum for Nepal Congratulates Nepal on a Successful Election

Ottawa, Canada, April 26, 2008: Canada Forum for Nepal (, a Canada-based organization inspired by the challenges posed to the humanity by the contemporary causes of Nepal, congratulates the people of Nepal for peacefully achieving their goal of ending the monarchy and for electing a Constituent Assembly (CA) to write a democratic constitution. Continue reading

Press Release: Canadian Bruce Cockburn returns to Nepal after 20 years

Witnessing “the Most Beautiful Place on Earth”

Canadian Bruce Cockburn returns to Nepal after 20 years

November 01, 2007, Ottawa, Canada: Twenty years after his first visit to Nepal, Canadian singer and songwriter Bruce Cockburn is going back to the country he calls “hands down the most beautiful place on earth that I’ve seen.”

Cockburn returns to Nepal with the same travel companion as on his first trip in 1987 – Susan Walsh, USC Canada’s Executive Director. They will journey on foot, staying in the villages of Humla district, located in the northwest corner of the country. Continue reading

Press Release: Report on second annual Himalayan Heartbeat program

Geeta and Grishma Thapa

October 09, 2007, Ottawa, Canada: Nepalese artists showed a spectacle of Nepalese dance and songs in Ottawa, the capital of Canada. They were performing in the second annual Himalayan Heartbeat program, organized by Canada Forum for Nepal (CFFN, in benefit of an education project in Nepal. They were performing in front of an audience composed of invited guests, mountaineers, Nepal enthusiasts, and other public in Canada.

Susan and Astha Maskey Susan Maskey, an accomplished Nepali singer who, in the early 1980s, was a lead singer in a band that was promoting democracy and raising voices against autocracy through its music, enthralled the audience by her brilliant performance. Singing along with her was her daughter, Astha Tamang Maskey, a young and aspiring singer well-known in the Toronto music scene. The ambience was augmented by dance performances by 10 year old Rupsi Kaushik, high school student Grishma Thapa, and young university students Rasna Sherchan and Geeta Thapa. In the program, Rajendra Rana and Robin Subba of Ottawa performed as supporting artists.

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Press Release: Unfolding Futures: Nepalese Economy, Society and Politics

Ronald L Watts

October 09, 2007, Ottawa, Canada:  “A federal system is difficult to implement in a multiethnic and multicultural society but it is more desirable and relevant than unitary system in such a society”, said Dr. Ronald L. Watts, a world’s leading authority on federalism and governance. A Rhodes Scholar, a Ph.D. from Oxford, Fellow and former Director of the Institute of Intergovernmental Affairs, former Vice Chancellor of Queens University, and the Companion of the Order of Canada, Dr. Watts was deliberating a keynote speech at a conference organized on the transitional issues of Nepal by the Canada Forum for Nepal (CFFN, Continue reading

Press Release: NCAO Multicultural Event Makes a Mark in Ottawa

July 28, 2007 – Ottawa, Canada: Nepalese Canadian Association of Ottawa (NCAO, organized a spectacular multicultural show with a fanfare and success on an open-air theatre in picturesque Andrew Hayden Park situated in the capital city of Canada (SEE: Poster). The highlight of the program was a superbly prepared cultural show for three hours. Then there were other features and entertainments like Lions Club train-ride, and hand paintings. Also there were otherwise-unreachable police vehicles and gears for children and adults to experiment, experience, and be entertained. The event raised more than $9,000 in donations of which all the proceeds is to be given to a charity organization – the Ottawa Food Bank. The program was hosted in collaboration with A-Channel, a popular television channel in Ottawa.

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Press Release: Former Canadian Cabinet Minister in CFFN advisory board

May 28, 2007 (Ottawa, Canada): Hon. David Kilgour has joined the advisory board of Canada Forum for Nepal (CFFN), an organization that is playing a leading role in Canada in promoting critical thinking about the contemporary issues of Nepal.

CFFN was formed when people of Nepal were in a collision course with the autocratic regime of King Gyanendra and were trying to find a peaceful and democratic solution to a long running armed conflict.

Issuing a press statement today the forum informed that Hon. Kilgour is a graduate of the University of Manitoba and the University of Toronto Law School and a former Cabinet Minister of Canada and one of the longest serving members in Canadian Parliament with a tenure of more than 26 years. Continue reading

Press Repease: Hon. David Kilgour joins CFFN Advisory Board

May 27, 2007, Ottawa, Canada: Hon. David Kilgour has joined the advisory board of Canada Forum for Nepal (CFFN), an organization that is playing a lead role in Canada in promoting critical thinking about the contemporary issues of Nepal. A graduate of the University of Manitoba and the University of Toronto Law School, Hon. Kilgour is a former Cabinet Minister of Canada and one of the longest serving member in Canadian Parliament with a tenure of more than 26 years. Throughout his career, he has been a vocal critic of legislation across party lines and has brought attention to many important national and international issues. He is a relentless defender of human rights and social justice. When Canada Forum for Nepal was working towards mounting international pressure for peace and democracy in Nepal, Hon. Flora MacDonald, former Foreign Minister of Canada, and Hon. David Kilgour had played important role in providing right pointers to escalate the matter, and Hon. Alexa McDonough had helped raise the matter to appropriate ministries. It is only fitting that Hon. Kilgour takes an advisory role in Canada Forum for Nepal.

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Press Release: Hierarchical System an Obstacle to Inclusion and Prosperity

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May 22, 2007, Washington DC: The Member of Parliament and an emerging leader of Nepal Nepali Congress Sujata Koirala said that the Government of Nepal is working diligently towards constituent assembly election despite some delay resulting from mistakes made by Seven Party Alliance and the Maoists during recent months. She was speaking on a program in Washington DC organized by America Nepal Society (ANS). Continue reading

Press Release: Don’t Ignore Grassroots People

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Ottawa, Canada, 4 May 2007: “The grassroots people of Nepal, and especially rural women, are extremely aware of their rights and it will be almost impossible to ignore them in coming years.” These were the words of Shahrzad Arshadi, a Canadian filmmaker who is making a movie on the social status of Nepalese women. She was speaking on an interaction program “The Dreams and Realities of New Nepal” organized by South Asia Research and Resource Centre based in Montreal on April 29, 2006. Continue reading