Democracy: The Forbidden Fruit or Nectar for Progress?

By Prachanda


Today, democracy has been like a rubber cap to fit all kinds of heads – autocratic domestic rulers, foreign aggressors, and perpetrators of genocides – alike. Democracy has been reduced to an exportable commodity by imperialist powers. Democracy in monopoly capitalist economies has been reduced to mere formal democracy, with people only participating in election rituals every few years. In face of economic and social inequality in new forms, the slogan of political equality and liberty became an empty phrase. Political democracy in the underdeveloped countries is found all the more pathetic. Soviet style socialist democracy slowly turned into mechanistic democracy that reduced vast masses of people into silent spectators benefiting only few elites. The biggest challenge of our time is, therefore, to make democracy really democratic and turn it into ‘nectar for progress’ for the vast majority of oppressed and deprived humanity. And, the masses of the people are the ultimate creators of the history.

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