Epilogues #002

*This show is in English*

Our second show, epilogues speaks with Prashanta Dhakal, a University of Waterloo graduate currently working in the Ottawa communications sector, who visited Nepal with his family in the summer of 2009. Here, he celebrated the most important Nepali festival. Prashanta discusses the poblems and opportunities he witnessed while on his trip. And will he be married in two years? Time will tell!

CFFN Epilogues - Program #002

Epilogues #001

*This show is in English*

In our first entry in the Yatra Nepal series, we speak with Susma Dhakal, a middle school student who visited her mother in Nepal and celebrated the most important Nepali festival with her family. After a long flight and trip to her village, Susma lived her summer back home, enjoyed wonderful food, watched movies and television, celebrated Dashain, saw endangered animals at a wildlife park, and came back to Canada in what felt like a blink of the eye.

CFFN Epilogues - Program #001