Interview: Bishnu Maya Pariyar

*This show is in English*

CFFN Interview Series chats with Bishnu Maya Pariyar, Founder and President of “Empower Dalit Women of Nepal” (EDWON). Pariyar shares her remarkable story with us while explaining how her organization has been able to change the lives of thousands of Dalit women in rural Nepal. Everyone and every organization trying to make a difference has a lot to learn from this Nepal-grown success story.

CFFN Interview Series - Bishnu Maya Pariyar

Interview: Michael and Tineke Casey

*This show is in English*

CFFN Interview Series sits down with Michael and Tineke Casey, co-managers of CFFN’s Community ChildCare Center project, or Project 4C. In their conversation with Ben Wood, Michael and Tineke explain where this idea originated, how quickly it has progressed, and how important it is to the long-term social and economic growth and stability for Nepalese villages. Looking at the Madi Community ChildCare Center as a model, the couple intend to set up similar centers in several communities across the Baglung district in Nepal over the next decade.

CFFN Interview Series - Michael and Tineke Casey

Interview: Dr. Pramod Dhakal

*This show is in English*

We have Dr. Pramod Dhakal, executive director and co-founder of CFFN joining us in this program to share his thoughts on the organization and the rationale behind the new direction it is taking. At the third annual general meeting, held in May 2009, CFFN members unanimously agreed to make key changes in its mandates that significantly alter the direction of the organization. It is in this context we would like to interview Dr. Dhakal.

CFFN Interview Series - Dr. Pramod Dhakal