Press Release: Report on second annual Himalayan Heartbeat program

Geeta and Grishma Thapa

October 09, 2007, Ottawa, Canada: Nepalese artists showed a spectacle of Nepalese dance and songs in Ottawa, the capital of Canada. They were performing in the second annual Himalayan Heartbeat program, organized by Canada Forum for Nepal (CFFN, in benefit of an education project in Nepal. They were performing in front of an audience composed of invited guests, mountaineers, Nepal enthusiasts, and other public in Canada.

Susan and Astha Maskey Susan Maskey, an accomplished Nepali singer who, in the early 1980s, was a lead singer in a band that was promoting democracy and raising voices against autocracy through its music, enthralled the audience by her brilliant performance. Singing along with her was her daughter, Astha Tamang Maskey, a young and aspiring singer well-known in the Toronto music scene. The ambience was augmented by dance performances by 10 year old Rupsi Kaushik, high school student Grishma Thapa, and young university students Rasna Sherchan and Geeta Thapa. In the program, Rajendra Rana and Robin Subba of Ottawa performed as supporting artists.

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Press Release: Himalayan Heartbeat in Canada

Interaction Ottawa

Ottawa, Canada – 08 July 2006: Renowned Canadian mountaineer, Andrew Brash, who helped save Australian Lincoln Hall in the Mount Everest, said that the Himalayas present extreme challenges that humble any seasoned mountaineer but a spontaneously presented human tragedy that made him abandon his climb to help save another person has profoundly affected his life afterwards. He was speaking on Friday at a program in the Canadian capital, Ottawa. Continue reading