प्रवास, रेडियो नाटक र स्वास्थ्य

गोविन्द दाहाल

आदीमकालदेखि आजसम्मको मानव सभ्यताको इतिहासले के देखाँउदछ भने मानव आजभन्दा भोली वा भोली भन्दा पर्सी अझ असल र ग’णात्मक जीवनको खोजीमै तल्लीन छ । यही खोजीकै क्रममा एक देशमा जन्मे ह’र्केका नागरिक अर्को देशमा बसाइ सर्ने र यदि नयाँ ठाँउमै जीन्दगी वढी सहज ह’ने देखिएमा त्यँही प्रवासी भएर वस्ने चलन पनि मानव इतिहासमा नौलो होइन र यो अभ्यास विगतमा भन्दा हालका वर्षहरुमा अझ वढी देखिएको छ ।

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Interview: Bishnu Maya Pariyar

*This show is in English*

CFFN Interview Series chats with Bishnu Maya Pariyar, Founder and President of “Empower Dalit Women of Nepal” (EDWON). Pariyar shares her remarkable story with us while explaining how her organization has been able to change the lives of thousands of Dalit women in rural Nepal. Everyone and every organization trying to make a difference has a lot to learn from this Nepal-grown success story.

CFFN Interview Series - Bishnu Maya Pariyar

The Power of Exposure

By Geeta Thapa

In the Year 2008, I took one semester off from my regular Bachelor’s Degree program to re-visit Nepal and I utilized part of this time as a volunteer at Janata Higher Secondary School. As it happens by pure coincidence, there I meet a five year old girl, Ashmita Chhetri. To have grown up in Kathmandu, I had many apprehensions and unknowns in my mind and I had no expectation that I would have a lasting impression from a five year old child.  However, a brief conversation with this little girl left a new impression and outlook about people in me. There was something about Ashmita; we developed an instant bond and time after that became different.

Ashmita would hold my hands and take me to the school from my temporary residence at Madi, every morning, at 9am. During the one hour walk uphill in the mornings, I learned that, despite her young age, she has taken on many responsibilities of her household. She woke up before 5am and swept her house while her parents left for field work. Her mother would bring morning meal to start and Ashmita would look after it, controlling the fire in wood burning kitchen, until the food is cooked. The meal would be ready when her parents came back. Such sincerity and the burden of so complex responsibilities at such young age!

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Youth in Social Entrepreneurship: Where is the Future?

Interaction Program with Bishnu Maya Pariyar

Note: This program is canceled due to unforeseen circumstances.

Fri, April 09, 2010
Time: 7:00PM – 9:30PM
Admission: Free, donations accepted
Algonquin College, T-Building, Room: 327

Entrepreneurship is more usually understood as a success in economic terms. However, it is more than that. There are entrepreneurs, called social entrepreneurs, who apply innovations, finance and business acumen to organize, create, and manage enterprises for the purpose of spreading public good and positive social change. They focus on creating social capital and solving social problems.

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Journey of the Volunteers

Having gone to Sarkuwa, Baglung for himself, Tom came back with unparalled hospitality and admiration of the people of Sarkuwa. Once in Illinois, Donna and Tom worked relentlessly to connect to local people and inspiring them for volunteerism. And there were David Campbell and Zachary Zaydos, two recent university graduates who rose up to the occasion and decided to volunteer at Sarkuwa. Continue reading

Yuba Sanchar #012

 *This show is in Nepali Language*

In this episode, we have brought to you news, an interview with the founder of Yuba Sanchar Radio and Executive Director of Canada Foundation for Nepal, Dr. Pramod Dhakal, an educational drama on health titled High Blood Pressure, a satarical poem on contemporary situation of Nepal written by Nepali poet Thakur Prasad “Chhanga” while he was traveling in Canada, and finally a popular and heart-warming song by Phatteman Rajbhandari, an aged but extremely popular Nepali singer.

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Yuba Sanchar #011

*This show is in Nepali Language*

CFFN’s new show dedicated to the New Year 2010 covers news from Nepal and across the world. A comprehensive interview with Dr Ram Acharya highlights the state of the world economy, and Nepal’s political economy – its weaknesses and opportunities. What are the New Year’s resolutions of the second generation of Nepalese Canadian youths and how do they perceive the future to be? A commentary dedicated to the future of our planet and the environment by Raunak Karmacharya followed by Purbaj ka Kura on the tradition of new year’s resolutions. Dr Pramod Dhakal enquires to the history to find our predecessors’ take on it. Finally, a very melodious and highly inspiring song by one of the popular Pokhareli singer Karna Das – is played to give the listeners a boost in the New Year 2010.

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Interview: Michael and Tineke Casey

*This show is in English*

CFFN Interview Series sits down with Michael and Tineke Casey, co-managers of CFFN’s Community ChildCare Center project, or Project 4C. In their conversation with Ben Wood, Michael and Tineke explain where this idea originated, how quickly it has progressed, and how important it is to the long-term social and economic growth and stability for Nepalese villages. Looking at the Madi Community ChildCare Center as a model, the couple intend to set up similar centers in several communities across the Baglung district in Nepal over the next decade.

CFFN Interview Series - Michael and Tineke Casey

Yatra Nepal #002

*This show is in Nepali Language*

प्रशान्तको २००९ सालमा नेपाल गएको अनुभब को बारेमा स्मिताले इन्टर्भ्यू गर्नु भएको थियो। यिनी कुराहरु भएक थेए: नेपालको यात्रा – चितवन राष्ट्रिय निकुन्ज, गैन्दकोट, बाग्लुङ गाउ; नेपालको महङ्ही बढेको; नेपालको यात्राको समस्या; १४ बर्षमा दशै मनएको, पिङ खेलेको; गाउमा गएर दहमा पौडी खेलेको; गाउमा बिकास भएको; गाउ र बजारको भिन्नता; नेपालको पर्यटन कसरी बढाउने; नेपाल-भारत सम्बन्ध। यो इन्टर्भ्यू पक्कै तपाईंले मन पराउने हुनुन्छ!

CFFN Yatra Nepal - Program #002

Epilogues #002

*This show is in English*

Our second show, epilogues speaks with Prashanta Dhakal, a University of Waterloo graduate currently working in the Ottawa communications sector, who visited Nepal with his family in the summer of 2009. Here, he celebrated the most important Nepali festival. Prashanta discusses the poblems and opportunities he witnessed while on his trip. And will he be married in two years? Time will tell!

CFFN Epilogues - Program #002

Yuba Sanchar #010

 *This show is in Nepali Language*

CFFN’s new thematic radio program focused on Animal Health and its role on human well being is illustratively presented for the listers of all ages. This program consists of news, interview with renouned scholars of animal science in Ottawa followed by a lively debate by youths on the relevance of animal health and public investment in it. This episode concludes with Dr Pramod Dhakal’s Purbaj ka Kura, which is focused on animal, human and humanity in general.
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Yatra Nepal #001

*This show is in Nepali Language*

This is a re-posting of our first episode.

In our first entry in the Yatra Nepal series, we speak with Susma Dhakal, a middle school student who visited her mother in Nepal and celebrated the most important Nepali festival with her family. After a long flight and trip to her village, Susma lived her summer back home, enjoyed wonderful food, watched movies and television, celebrated Dashain, saw endangered animals at a wildlife park, and came back to Canada in what felt like a blink of the eye.

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CFFN Yatra Nepal - Program #001

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CFFN Yatra Nepal - Original #001