CFFN Membership

CFFN memberships allow you to vote on CFFN decisions, elect board members, be nominated for board positions. Your support as a member allows CFFN to work at bringing the light of knowledge to the margins of society.

Membership details:

  • Memberships for CFFN can be obtained at any time. Members can renew their memberships annually at our Annual General Meeting (AGM). This occurs around June of every year.
  • Memberships are available for anyone aged 18 and older. As part of a family, people aged 13 to 17 are considered to be youth members.
  • Members can vote on decisions at the AGM, be nominated or nominate other members to the board be elected to the board
  • Members can vote at the board election
  • Members may  have special privileges or provisions when involved at CFFN-organized or sponsored events
  • Annual memberships are $25 per individual, or $35 for a family

To obtain a membership, please print the following form and mail it, along with the appropriate membership fee, to Canada Foundation for Nepal, 113 Keltie PTV, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K2J 0A1. Alternatively, you can inform any CFFN executive of your intention to obtain a CFFN membership and provide them with the form and your fee, or email and make arrangements. You may also attend and CFFN AGM or members’ meeting.


Name: ______________________________________
Email Address: _______________________________
Street Address: _______________________________
City: __________________ Province/State: _________
Postal/Zip Code: ______________ Country: ________
Membership Type:   Individual ($25)   Family ($35)
Family members (include age for youth between 13 and 17):
By signing below, you are requesting membership of CFFN. You agree to abide by CFFN By-laws. CFFN reserves the right to reject a request for membership and will return any fees collected when doing so. Your membership will be valid from the date your fee is collected until the day before our next Annual General Meeting (to be announced one month in advance).

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