Organizational Guidelines

  1. CFFN will function as a coalition of individuals and groups within Canada and abroad.
  2. Affiliation to CFFN is open to all individual and groups in any location subject to their compliance with its objectives. The objectives of an affiliated group and CFFN shall not be contradictory.
  3. CFFN shall not interfere with other activities of its affiliated members; and it shall not interfere with organizations whose members are affiliated with CFFN.
  4. Membership will be open to all interested individuals and organizations.
  5. Anyone contradicting with the stated objectives of CFFN will be considered automatically dissociated with CFFN.
  6. The operational structure of CFFN shall be chapter based. A Chapter shall be considered a self-governing and autonomous unit of CFFN.
  7. A Chapter shall have an Executive Board elected by the members of the Chapter. Division of responsibility shall be decided by the Executive Board. Election of the Executive Board shall be held within two years’ period.
  8. The Executive Body shall formulate an efficient, effective and economical way of advancing the mandate of CFFN.
  9. A Coordinating Committee will be created if multiple Chapters are formed. The Coordinating Committee shall consist of representatives from each Chapter. The responsibilities of Coordinating Committee shall be decided at the time of its formation.
  10. All decisions of the Executive Board and Coordination Committee shall be made based on simple majority.
  11. The meetings and voting could be held in person or through electronic communication.
  12. A Chapter may be dissolved in case of extended inactivity by the consent of least two-thirds majority of the standing members.
  13. Upon dissolution of the second-last Chapter, the Coordinating Committee shall be dissolved and CFFN website will be transferred to the last remaining Chapter.
  14. Any assets shall be denoted to worthy causes or disposed of as determined by the members during dissolution.

CFFN was registered with Industry Canada as a non-profit organization headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario on the 27th day of September 2006 [438570-5]. The organization underwent an official name change in January 2010 under the Canada Corporations Act.

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