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In Open University of Nepal (OUN), we envision a futuristic university, a university in pursuit of academic excellence and innovation in the age of information and technology. We hope to make OUN a catalyst for making Nepal a producer of advanced knowledge and skills useful to both Nepal and the world.

Today, we are reaching out to you in order to draw you into this great mission of establishing Open University of Nepal. You are an important piece of this puzzle of networking with Nepali Diaspora and collaborating with friends of Nepal, governments, international organizations, and world-class educational institutions, all needed to establish OUN.

The links to a variety of information and content provided from this page are intended to familiarize and inspire you to be a benefactor of this great mission. Please explore and send us suggestions for improvements. We would like to receive the expression of your commitment and the ways by which you would like to be part of this great cause. You may phone at +1-613-317-1466 or email at info[at]cffn[dot]ca.


Please read “Open University of Nepal Initiative: At a Glance” or download a pdf brochure for a high level overview of the initiative. An article on the introduction of the initiative supplements this information. You may get a zest of OUN on a 3 minute video presentation.

  1. Initiative for Open University of Nepal: At a Glance – February 2010
  2. Initiative for Open University of Nepal: Brochure – October 2010
  3. First Brochure of the OUN Initiative – February 2010
  4. Open University of Nepal Initiative: An Introduction – July, 2010
  5. Initiative for Open University of Nepal: 3 Min Video Presentation – November 2010


Please read a proposal (the first item in the list below) for a greater depth of information on the initiative. Precursors of this proposal could be found in the following working presentations and working paper.

  1. A Proposal for an Open University of Nepal for Providing Higher Education to the Rural and Marginalized People – April 2010
  2. Usha: Ushering Shared Aspirations (उषा: शाझा चाहनाको सेवामा)-English slides narrated in Nepali (नेपाली प्रस्तुति)- October 14, 2009
  3. Open University of Nepal: To the Margins of Society, Through the Light of Knowledge” – Slide Presentation – February 20, 2010
  4. Inclusive Education: Empowering Public Education in the New Age of Communication – September 2007

Question and Answers on OUN

Many questions are asked often by supporters and contributors on OUN for clarity on a number of issues. Some of these often asked questions are answered in the following articles.

  1. Initiative for Open University of Nepal: An Interview with Dr. Pramod Dhakal for NRNA Newsletter- December 2010 (3 pages text)
  2. TV Interview on OUN with Dr Ambika Adhikari, Dr Drona Rasali and Dr Pramod Dhakal by Dr. Tulsi Dharel of – Dec 2010 (1hr video)
  3. An Interview with Dr. Pramod Dhakal, Solidarity Magazine – October 2010 (1 page text)
  4. The Issues of Ownership, Autonomy and Funding – December 2010 (2 pages text)
  5. Video Interview with Dr Pramod Dhakal in NRN-Canada Conference in Montreal August 2010 (8 min video)
  6. Creating complimenting environment for all levels of education – December 2010
  7. Open University of Nepal: Who wins? – June 2010

Updates and Reports

Friends are expected to visit this website and get updates from its Update Section and Event Section of this website, which will remain more up-to-date and elaborate than this section. Infrequently issued updates tallying gains made over several months are provided here.

  1. OUN Updates – 002 – December 2010
  2. OUN Updates – 001 – July 2010
  3. Report from Kathmandu on Open University of Nepal – October 2010
  4. OUN Initiative becomes NRNA Flagship Project – May 2010
  5. Report from Nepalese Delegation to Athabasca University – December 2009

Power Point Presentations

Friends who are giving presentations on OUN may make their own slides to accommodate their needs. However, we expect that the main message be coherent with the message conveyed through various documents provided through this website. Here are three power-point slide presentations for your review.

  1. Initiative for Open University of Nepal: Achievements and Emerging Frontiers – December 2010
  2. Presentation at NRNA Oceania Fundraising Event – December 2010
  3. NRNA SKI TF Presentation during OUN Interaction and Resolution Signing Program – October 2010
  4. Initiative for Open University of Nepal: Pre-Business Plan – August 2010
  5. Initiative for Open University of Nepal: Academic Development Plan – August 2010
  6. Open University of Nepal: To the Margins of Society, Through the Light of Knowledge” – Slide Presentation – February 20, 2010
  7. Usha: Ushering Shared Aspirations (उषा: शाझा चाहनाको सेवामा)-English slides narrated in Nepali – October 14, 2009

Directives on Fund and Fundraising

We urge all people who are concerned for helping Nepal improve its educational capacity and depth to generously contribute to the initiative by monetary resources also and help raise funds and resources. Please find the directives for fund and fund raising, especially meant for the fundraising efforts among Nepalese Diaspora communities. Separate directives will be issued for the efforts of in-country fundraising in Nepal and by others not covered by these directives. Please contact Dr. Ambika Adhikari at ambika[dot]adhikari[at]gmail[dot]com or info[at]cffn[dot]ca if you would like to take fundraising initiative for OUN initiative.

  1. Directives for Fund and Fundraising – November 2010

Broader Issues of Diaspora Engagement

One of the key missions of OUN is to harness the knowledge, skills, and experiences of the Diaspora Nepalese for the benefit of higher education, research and innovation in Nepal through OUN. The following article addresses some of the ways the Diaspora could be useful to Nepal and the ways in which that potential could be harnessed.

  1. Diaspora: How They Matter in Education and Knowledge Translation – November 2010

Significant Research Findings and External Articles

In this section, we provide links to some important research findings and inspiring material pertinent to OUN. We request all concerned individuals and organizations to let us know if you come across quality and credible material useful to OUN. Let us know by writing to info[at]cffn[dot]ca.

  1. Effect of remoteness in quality of education and why educational technology should be introduced in remote areas first – Dr. Sugata Mitra
  2. Education is a self organizing system, where learning is an emergent phenomenon – Dr Sugata Mitra 2010
  3. Formula for changing math education – Arthur Benjamin – June 2009
  4. Distance education technology in Asia – 2010
  5. Policy and Practice in Asian Distance Education – 2010

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