Journey of the Volunteers

Having gone to Sarkuwa, Baglung for himself, Tom came back with unparalled hospitality and admiration of the people of Sarkuwa. Once in Illinois, Donna and Tom worked relentlessly to connect to local people and inspiring them for volunteerism. And there were David Campbell and Zachary Zaydos, two recent university graduates who rose up to the occasion and decided to volunteer at Sarkuwa. Continue reading

Crossing the Chasm: Education in Rural Nepal

My phone rang as I was driving home from a pleasant Italian dinner party. When I picked up the phone my friend Zach Gaydos had one question for me: “Would you like to go to Nepal with me to teach English?“

We met for drinks to discuss the details, but the decision in my mind was made the moment Zach posed the question over the phone. Of course, I wanted to go to Nepal. It sounded like once in a lifetime opportunity to go and do something meaningful and useful. Going to a rural village in Asia with worthy cause of teaching, while having an opportunity for an adventure in the homeland of the Buddha, was too good of an opportunity to let go by.

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