An Experience of Confidence Building

Canada Forum for Nepal started Project: Rural Nepal in late 2007. Three volunteers from USA were sent to provide technical solutions for establishing Internet based communication such that schools in rural Nepal could communicate with the rest of the world with low bandwidth (8kb/s) dialup telephone lines that had just arrived in the villages. By January 2008, they had successfully established capabilities for Internet based communication over these telephone lines known for their unreliable connectivity in four separate locations. Now, we were faced with a situation where the school staff and students needed to be taught on how to use these great systems. And, we were in search of technology teachers who could do this job. So I took up this challenge and went from Ottawa, Canada to the remote village of Sarkuwa, Baglung District, Nepal along with another volunteer, Smita Khatiwada, (who had just happened to be my relative – Bhauju – through marriage) from Kathmandu. Continue reading