Hari Dhakal, MD

Hari Dhakal, MD Hari Dhakal: Dr. Dhakal, a Doctor of Medicine, is a Ph. D. fellow at Department of Pathology, The Norwegian Radium Hospital. He has made exemplary services to Nepal for more than a decade. A bright scholar, he is a receipient of a series of fellowship awards and training within Nepal and from international institutions. He is a consultant at BP Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital, where he was the Head of the Department of Pathology during 1999-2004. Prior to that he was a faculty member as well as the in-charge of the same hospital as well as the member of Tumor Board and Chief of Pathology Services.

Dr. Dhakal was an Editor-in-Chief of a hospital newsletter and Editor of a journal of medicine in Nepal. A socially inspired professional, he is one of the founding members of social clubs, and was Secretary of Nepal Medical Association Chitawan Branch. Currently, he is advisor to NRN-Norway and member of NRN Task Force on Skills Knowledge and Innovation (SKI). He is also an author of a dozen scientific articles. He is also a co-founder of Institute of Medical Technology, Nepal.

Mrinal Mugdh, Ph.D.

Mrinal Mugdh, Ph.D. : Mrinal MugdhDr. Mugdh is the Associate Vice President Academic Affairs at University of Houston Clear Lake. Prior to this he served as the Director for Institutional Research and Planning at the University of Texas at Brownsville where he assisted the Provost in developing the academic vision, setting standards of excellence, and assuring compliance with academic standards set by SACS and other accreditation agencies. He was also the primary liaison with governmental agencies and the University of Texas System on issues related to accountability, planning, and effectiveness. In addition, he held a concurrent graduate faculty position in the UTB School of Business and taught courses in Business Research Methods and International Business.

Carl A. Stockton, Ph.D.

Carl A. Stockton, Ph.D. : Carl StocktonDr. Stockton is Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost at University of Houston – Clear Lake (UHCL). He joined UHCL after serving three years as Dean and Houston Endowed Chair for Education in the University of Texas at Brownsville’s School of Education. During his tenure, Dr. Stockton led the school to double its enrollment and added significant programs to its degree offerings while fostering collaborative initiatives among the university’s schools and other educational institutions. To ensure future success for the school and its students, he acquired more than $33 million in external funding.

Other administrative roles held by Dr. Stockton include serving as department chair of health and applied human sciences in the University of North Carolina at Wilmington’s College of Art and Sciences and as department chair of exercise, sport and health education in Radford University’s College of Education and Human Development. An educator, researcher and author, he is also active in his community and in professional associations include the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education, American Association for Health Education and American Council on Education.He holds Ph.D. in Health Education from the University of Tennessee.

Tara Niraula, Ph.D.

Tara Niraula, Ph.D. Tara Niraula: Dr. Niraula, is the Director / Faculty of the Institute for Urban Education, Eugene Lang College of the New School University, New York. An outstanding leader in policy and advocacy work around immigrants and other populations in New York State and beyond, he was one of the five distinguished South Asian leaders who were honored by the Comptroller of City of New York for his outstanding leadership and contributions to strengthen the immigrant communities in New York. In 2007, he was presented with a New York City Council Citation form Council member John Liu.

Padam P Sharma, Ph.D.

Padam P Sharma, Ph.D. Padam P Sharma: Dr. Sharma, completed his B. Sc (Agriculture) from Udaipur University, and B.S., M.S., & Ph. D. from the University of Minnesota,USA. He has about 25 years of experience in teaching, research and consulting services in the United States and Nepal. Former faculty member of Tribhuvan University, he carries a long and distinguished career in teaching agriculture. He commands respect among large contingent of Agri-Vet scholars of Nepali origin as well from a large number of Diaspora Nepalese.

A long time resident of St. Paul, Minnesota, he is an active member of expatriate Nepali community of the USA. The founder President of Empower Nepal Foundation. Padam and his family currently own and operate Everest on Grand – the first Nepali restaurant in Minnesota.

Naveen Vaidya, Ph.D.

Naveen Vaidya, Ph.D. Naveen Vaidya: Dr. Naveen K. Vaidya is currently a postdoctoral research associate at Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico, USA. He received his PhD degree in Applied Mathematics from York University, Canada in addition to MS (York University, Canada), MSc, BSc, BEd (Tribhuvan University, Nepal) degrees. His academic research interest is developing mathematical models of disease transmission in Immunology and Epidemiology, particularly in HIV and Influenza viruses. He has published numerous refereed articles of his research in various international scientific journals. He was a recipient of the Susan Mann Dissertation award of York University. Dr. Vaidya is actively involved in Model Village Development Project, a charity project of NRN-Canada, and is working as the Editor for NAVA-SANDESH, NRN-Canada newsletter. Before he came to Canada in 2002, Dr. Vaidya served as a faculty member of Amrit Science Campus, Tribhuvan University, a member of Board of Trustee in College of Applied Business and Managing Director of Nimble Institute Kathmandu, Nepal.

Krishna C Prasad, Ph.D.

Krishna C Prasad, Ph.D. Krishna C Prasad: Dr. Prasad is a Senior Lecturer in Land and Water Development at UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education based in Netherlands. He brings over 20 years of professional experience largely in Nepal, USA, South Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya and Netherlands. He has extensive field level experience, both practical and research, related to improving performance of irrigation, strengthening water users’ organizations through participatory approaches, performance monitoring and evaluation, and associated institutional measures. In recent years, his work has focused on decision support systems for planning and managing water resources at river basin level to match hydrological objectives with social and economic policy objectives. His interest areas include: improving agricultural water productivity, participatory irrigation development and management, integrated river basin management, performance monitoring and evaluation, training, policy and institutional development.

Rajendra K Shrestha, Ph.D.

Rajendra K Shrestha, Ph.D. Rajendra Shrestha: Dr. Shrestha is the Founder and President of Nepalese Association of Houston (NAH) and Vice President of American Society of Nepalese Engineers (ASNEngr), and Vice President of NRN-USA, and Regional Representative of Nepa Pasa Pucha Amerikaye (NPPA) and the Chair of 4th NRN Regional conference. A scholar with well received papers in technical and non-technical areas, he also carries tremendous social and community zeal and has been editor of a number of newsletters and regular publications of the organizations he is involved with.

Dina Bangdel, Ph.D.

Dina Bangdel, Ph.D. Dina Bangdel: Dr. Bangdel is a Professor of Asian Art at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). She is ranked among the finest art historians in the world focusing on the Himalayan region. Having done research on Newar Buddhist and Hindu art in the Kathmandu Valley since 1988, she has curated major exhibitions of these traditions. The most notable, “Circle of Bliss,” she co-curated at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in 2003-4. Her presentations to the 2006 Institute were among the most highly rated based upon her clear articulation of topics and an extraordinary selection of images. Dr. Bangdel has published three books: Sculpture of King Jayavarma and the Varma Dynasty of Nepal (Nepali), Against the Current: Life of Lain Bangdel, Painter, Writer, and Art Historian of Nepal, and Circle of Bliss: Buddhist Meditational Art.

Dr. Bangdel received her Ph.D. from The Ohio State University in 1999 and her primary areas of specialization are South Asian/Indian art and Himalayan art, with secondary areas of interests relating to the issues of gender and identity in South Asian contemporary art and film. Her current research focuses on the art and ritual traditions of Newar Buddhism in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal and the development of Tantric Buddhist iconography of the Himalayan regions, principally Nepal and Tibet.

Jiwan Giri, MBA, PMP

Jiwan Giri, MBA, PMP Jiwan Giri: Mr. Giri is a Clinical Project Manager for SAIC-Frederick, Inc, where he works within the Clinical Monitoring Research Program (CMRP) that runs programs in collaboration with National Institute of Health (NIH) and National Cancer Institute (NCI). A certified Project Management Professional (PMP®), he also worked at different organizations covering non-profits, academics, private sectors and also as an educator, trainer, consultant, researcher, strategic planner, project and program manager. He is an Executive of Board of the Himanchal Educaiton Foundation (HEF) and has played a key role in the growth and success of the organization since 2000. He is one of the active lead members of Nepal Wireless Networking Group in the USA that supports Mahabir Pun’s initiative for connecting rural villages through Nepal Wireless.

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Raju Adhikari, Ph.D.

Raju Adhikari, Ph.D. Raju Adhikari: Dr. Adhikari, a Principal Research Scientist at CSIRO Molecular and Health Technologies is one of the inventors of NovoSorb™ platform technology and was recipient of CSIRO Molecular Science SAP award for Go for Growth 2004, CSIRO Molecular Science SAP award for Innovation 2004 and CSIRO medal for research innovation in 2006. He is also one of the inventors of the most biostable polyurethanes Elast-Eon™ technology that was developed at CSIRO. He has 15 patents (including provisional), over 35 publications in international refereed journal, a book chapter and over 45 abstracts in international conferences. Currently he is working in the design and synthesis of polymer for OLED application. He has over 25 years of research experience in organic and polymer chemistry and done his PhD from University of Delhi in 1986. He has done post doctoral work from Australia and Germany and worked in Nepal Academy of Science and Technology between 1986-1991.

Nanda Raj Shrestha, Ph.D.

Nanda Raj Shrestha, Ph.D. Nanda R Shrestha: Dr. Shrestha is a Professor of World Resources and Cultural Management in the School of Business & Industry at Florida A&M University (FAMU), President of the Asian Geography Group at Association of American Geographers, and Project Director at International Business Education Project. In addition to his personal knowledge and experience, Professor Shrestha has conducted extensive field research in Nepal on several occasions as part of his two research grants from the National Science Foundation, as well as from the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations. In addition to publishing more than 35 articles in professional journals in the fields of geography and economic development, he has published a number of book chapters and five well received books, including The Political Economy of Land, Landlessness, and Migration in Nepal (2001), In the Name of Development: A Reflection on Nepal (1997 and 1999), Nepal and Bangladesh: A Global Studies Handbook (2002), and Historical Dictionary of Nepal (2004), that concern with Nepal and the environ.