Who feels the suffering of Dalit of Khurkot?

After walking one and half hour, we can see the Khurkot – 7 of Parvat. There is dwelling of Pariyar caste in northern hilly area. We may feel that this is the ancient place of Dalit community, for which, we are doing struggle against the Brahminism. The oldest of Bhatkekhaldo Mr. Dadhiram Pariyar 75, is leading the community. He is president of forest user groups too. The 24 houses of Dalit have to tolerate a kind of trouble daily by the 7/8 houses of elite castes. If youth do object them, they are abused as Maoists, if women do as so, they are named as bitch and if Dalit children don’t respect their order, they are beaten or bruised mentally, if not physically. Continue reading