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There are several different radio programmes that make up CFFN Radio. Please tap or click on a program title below to learn more:

From the voice of youth, grows wisdom and truth!

Welcome to Yuba Sanchar – a youth radio program dedicated to advancing knowledge and wisdom for building a better world. Through this project, inspired youth of Canada and Nepal work together to build collective knowledge and understanding. This page is your portal to programs that entertain you and educate you about the concerns of today’s youth.

Yuba team


This project intends to achieve the following objectives:

  • Promote cultural understandings among youth of Canada and Nepal
  • Push the limits of a radio as a medium for fostering creativity
  • Engage the youth in endeavors of building knowledge and wisdom
  • Contribute to education of disadvantaged children of rural Nepal
  • Develop international youth entrepreneurship
  • Inspire charitable spirit among the youth and the community towards the causes of humanity
  • Develop personal and technical skills necessary for future progress
  • Use all avenues of communication to develop relationships and build ideas
  • Provide entertainment through positive engagement
  • Build team spirits and collective learning environment

Hello, from the top of the world!

This radio program invites recent visitors to Nepal to share their stories and experiences. Nepalis and non-Nepalis alike are invited to be part of our storytelling. This program is available in both English and Nepali languages so that everyone can get a taste of Nepal, whether they call it a destination or home.

Epilogues is the English language version of Yatra Nepal.
Yatra Nepal is the Nepali language version of Epilogues.


This project intends to achieve the following objectives:

  • Promote understandings on Nepal among Canadian audience
  • Stir thoughts, memories and stories among Non-Resident Nepalis
  • Share and document authentic Nepal experiences
  • Accumulate the history of changes occurring in Nepal
  • Provide entertainment and build ideas through positive engagement
  • Invite participation in CFFN projects

CFFN Interview Series brings you intimate discussions with a wide array of people who share stories, thoughts, and knowledge related to CFFN presentations, events, and activities.

CFFN Specials brings you presentations, speeches, and more directly from CFFN events.

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