CFFN Youth for Global Entrepreneurship (CYGE)

CFFN Youth for Global Entrepreneurship (CYGE)

This forum is developed to build knowledge and inculcate actions on Canadian and Nepalese youth, and in that matter any youth of the globe, in the field of entrepreneurship and enterprise development of global nature. We believe that ability to abstract opportunities, innovate, and invent are key to thrive in the increasingly connected world of the 21st century. Whereas a many believe that the new world is destined to become a monopolized dominion of mega-corporations and super-power countries, we are here to develop innovative ideas and youth entrepreneurs that seek global opportunities. We intend to emphasize on building small and medium scale enterprises that are responsive, dynamic, ethical, and are inspired for building profitable business in a fair market, sustainable environment, and sustainable economy.

This group also facilitates programs to take Canadian volunteers to communities in Nepal. These volunteers are to contribute in educational, capacity building and sustainable development projects that contribute towards bringing self-sufficiencies in rural communities of Nepal. At the same time our volunteers bring valuable of knowledge and experience to Canada and the world. Not only they promote educational exchanges between institutions of Nepal and Canada, they also discover new opportunities for global business. Visiting youth will promote their own country’s profile in Nepalese public, spread message of world peace, and develop research and leadership skills. Volunteers enrich their stay with travel, adventure and explorations and bring worthwhile memories and experience for life.

CFFN is currently looking for interested youth entrepreneurs, educators, and philosophical thinkers to join our team, as well as youth looking to learn and refine new skills while helping and making a difference at home and in Nepal. Please contact us if this is you.

Past CYGE Events

Power of Persistence and Hope: A Pathway to Entrepreneurialism by Dr. Ramesh Sunar

Recent Posts

Publication of Sustainable Livelihood Systems in Nepal

CFFN is proud to announce that Sustainable Livelihood Systems in Nepal  has been published by IUCN Nepal.

Cover and Introduction | Authors’ Biographies | Purchase Book

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