Himalayan Heartbeat

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Himalayan Heartbeat: A Nepal Cultural Evening. This is an annually organized event of Canada Forum for Nepal that showcases Nepal and its cultural heritage in the National Capital Region of Canada. This page is your portal to resources related to Himalayan Heartbeat Program.

Himalayan Heartbeat: July 7 , 2006

Himalayan Heartbeat: Oct 6, 2007


About Nepal

Nepal, is a small country 2/3 the size of Labrador, Canada. With a population size approximately equaling that of Canada, Nepal has been reeling for long to meet the basic needs, including education, of its people. The lack of access to education is much acute among children of rural Nepal, and especially among Dalit communities. The stark divide in educational opportunities has proven itself as a great impediment to Nepal’s peace and prosperity.


This project intends to achieve the following objective:

  • Promote Nepalese Arts and Culture in Canada
  • Contribute in knowledge flow geared towards disadvantaged children of rural Nepal
  • Establish the international collaboration at a grassroots level

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