Rural Education Nepal Sponsorship


Sponsor: Trust Fund created by Donna Lea and her students

  • Purpose: Purchase of lab computers at Janata SS
  • Time: Sept 23, 2006 (Payment made to COPPADES, a Nepalese NGO working with World Computer Exchange of USA.)
  • Cost: NRs. 59,500.00 (58,500.00 for Sourcing cost [administrative], Ocean shipping, Land Shipping [including customs tax and commercial tax], Administrative and computer installation costs; variable 1000-2000 for other)
  • Actions:Paid for,
    • Training for one instructor from the school. This includes training instruction, instruments, and fees.
    • 5 computers, 1 printer, instruments needed for network, network cord, etc.
    • Power cables, minimum 1 modem, software CDs, as necessity
    • Within 3 months of computer installation, the organization will provide a representative for supervision, observation, and repair. Representatives will then visit the school a minimum of once a year afterwards.
  • The result: Five Pentium III computers, 5 monitors, and one printer handed over to Headmaster Narayan Paudel in Kathmandu on January 8, 2008. Lapses occurred on time to deliver, agreed upon services, and so on. There is a positive outcome that at least the hardware reached the school. [Note: CFFN Volunteers Rajan, Udhyan, and Gyanendra reached the school on March 17, 2008 and established the laboratory on March 22, 2008.]


Sponsors: Tom Lea and Donna Lea

  • Purpose: Field Visit by Tom Lea and Donna Lea
  • Logistical support: Shishir Paudel, Sudeep Dhakal, Megh Raj Sharma
  • Time: December 2006 and January 2007
  • Cost: Undisclosed
  • Actions: Trip from Illinois to Sarkuwa and back. Inspection of the past progress and exploration of new possibilities.
  • The Result: Strengthened the connection to the people. Inspired and energized everyone involved.

Sponsor: Pramod Dhakal

  • Purpose: Field Visit by Pramod Dhakal
  • Time: June 2007
  • Cost: Undisclosed
  • Actions: Field study of requirements and election of local execution team; Megh Raj Sharma was selected to lead the efforts on the ground; took 3 donated laptops (two sustained transportation damage); GPS device; 4 port router, and video-camera recorder.
  • The Result: Positive and inspiring. School’s computers not arrived for creating the lab. Other missions accomplished successfully.

Sponsors: Individual donors (Fund raisers: Tom Lea, Donna Lea, Zachary Gaydos and David Campbell)

  • Purpose: Computer Lab Setup and Teaching Mission of Zachary Gaydos and David Campbell
  • More: Tom Lea and Donna Lea raised fund from individual donors; Four months of time and energy by David and Zachary
  • Logistical support: Megh Raj Sharma, Sudeep Dhakal, Balakrishna Acharya, Urmila Paudel
  • Time: September-December 2007
  • Cost: US $4,000; two donated laptops; donated digital camera
  • Actions: Trip from Illinois to Sarkuwa and back. Established first ever Internet connection from Sarkuwa and sent first email on October 5, 2007. Taught English and other subjects. Did critical need assessment.
  • The Result: Established connection to the outside world. Proved that people from the West can go live and comeback healthily and safe from the region. It laid the foundation for future volunteerism.

Sponsor: Pramod Dhakal

      • Purpose: Computers in Four Locations
      • Logistical support: Balakrishna Acharya and Sudeep Dhakal
      • Time: December 2007
      • Cost: NRs. 105,000.00
      • Actions: Four desktop PCs, assembled and ready to deliver
      • The Result: Established computer infrastructure in preparation for taking Wizzi Digital technology to support communication over low-bandwidth and unreliable communication medium in four locations. Established base server infrastructure upon which proper labs could be built in the future.
PC with LCD monitor and 250GB HD Rs35500
PC with CRT Samsung monitor and 160GB HD Rs23500
PC with CRT Digicom monitor and 160GB HD Rs21000
PC without monitor Rs16700
8port switch/cable/KVM switch Rs8300
Total Rs1,05,000


  • Purpose: Installing educational content; introducing technical capability to send and receive email and Web content over poor quality lines
  • More: Larry Wood proncipal contributor, Kelsey Wood technical prime and volunteer who traveled, Logistical support: Megh Raj Sharma, Sudeep Dhakal, Balakrishna Acharya, Urmila Paudel
  • Time: December 2007 to January 2008
  • Cost: Undisclosed
  • Actions: Kelsey makes a trip from South Africa to Sarkuwa, sets up of educational content (such as WIkipedia) and mailing and web-browsing software that can be used off-line. Data get transacted during the night when the telephone line is not in use and signals are stronger. Made successful Internet connections from all four locations.
  • The Result: Great technological breakthrough.


Sponsors: Robin Pudasaini and Geeta Thapa

  • Mailing System Training
  • More: Volunteers and technical primes Geeta Thapa and Smita Khatiwada
  • Time: February-March 2008
  • Cost: Undisclosed
  • Actions: Geeta and Smita teach how to send emails and use the educational content in the computers. Teachers and volunteers could send emails without any hesitation.
  • The Result: Great technological breakthrough (insufficient time for training).

Sponsors: Equipment by Bedananda Bhattarai, Trip cost: Volunteers

  • Purpose: Lab Establishment and bringing all five computers staying idle since January to work
  • More: Team lead: Rajan Pandey, Volunteers and technical knowledge Rajan Pandey, Udhyan Timilsina, and Gyanendra Suwal Trip cost by volunteers, Lodging and food by school;
  • Time: March 2008
  • Cost: Transportation and trip cost NRs. 1,300 per person.
  • Actions: Provided training on computer hardware, further inspired emailing, hardware assembly and networking. Successfully setup the lab.
  • The Result: Great endeavor to finally use all the computers and a confidence builder for the local staff. Built local expertise.
4 Port Auto KVM Switch Rs2500
D-Link 8 Port Switch Rs875
Cat5 Cable(20m) Rs240
5V/1Amp Adapter Rs200
RJ45 (25 pieces) Rs75
Total Rs3890

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