Volunteer Experiences

Many volunteers have traveled to Nepal, carrying with them the CFFN name, to experience  Nepal, or more specifically, schools and communities in rural Nepal. For some, this was a first experience in Nepal, while some of our volunteers were born and live there.

This section is where they can share their experiences with stories, updates, photos, and more.

Please select one of our volunteers below to read his or her experiences:

One thought on “Volunteer Experiences

  1. I am from Kathmandu, Nepal. I am a commerce graduate and in Sales & Marketing Profession for more than two decades in Nepal. I love my country and our home the mother earth. I serious about the recent climate change. I have learned from my experience and little research that Nepal can help a lot to if not eradicate but to minimize the climate change. We must do reforestation and properly manage our forest resource. We can plant paulownia tree which grows very fast and absorb ten times more carbon than any other plant on earth. We can start growing Sea Buckthorn. This is a wild berry grows in 2500 meter to 4500 meter above sea level. This is a miracle fruit can be used to produce cosmetic, pharma product and nutritional product like, face cream, hair oil, medicine for ulcer, cancer, anti aging, juice, jam, jelly, wine, beer, etc.
    I am interested to explore Agro forestry in both plain and high mountain. Can this organization help me with techinical and financial support from Canada. Both these two product Paulownia Tree and Sea Buckthorn is well established in Canada.

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